About us

MEO BUTTONS is young, byt dynamically developing business in Bulgaria. Since 2010 we have been working also on the Balkan market and we have specialized in the production and distribution of buttons and textile accessories. Our work is mainly focused on the production of buttons, but we also serve the textile companies and the manufacturers of textile materials and accessories. The products which we manufacture and offer to our customers are mainly buttons, buckles, loop buttons (rings), horn button sets, metal accessories, as well as many other textile materials. Our greatest strength is the buttons. Our company offers a very wide range of buttons to our customers. The most common and sought buttons, which we produce, are polyester buttons, corozo buttons, horn buttons, imitation horn buttons, bone buttons, wood, shell, metal and coconut buttons.

More than 27 years in buttons manufacturing

The company is a leading and proven leader in the production of buttons and textile accessories. With 27 years of experience, it ranks first in Bulgaria and Balkans, as the largest company of manufacturing and distribution of buttons. Recently, in our production facilities, we have started also to produce metal buttons and accessories. All our products have the Oeko-Tex certificate standards. Since our company, MEO BUTTONS, is located in Bulgaria, which is a member of the European Union (EU), we can deliver our products and services not only in the Balkans, but also in other EU countries.

Recently, particularly in Germany, Spain, France and Greece, the big textile companies and manufacturers shifted their production in Bulgaria. Due to the fact that the quality price ratio is very good in Bulgaria, also our buttons and accessories, used in the textile industry, became very valuable here.
For us, MEO BUTTONS, the most important principle which we respect and adhere to is the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud that we can always serve you and provide you with the best quality and latest products of our company. For us the button is very small, but valuable as accessory. The slogan of our company, MEO BUTTONS, is that sometimes “The small things make a big difference”.


We always strive to provide to our customer the best and highest quality. We adhere to the thesis that “The customer is always right”. We strive to quickly and easily serve our customers. With every order we work with excitement, always hard and dynamic, as if it is our first order. We verify every time for the quality and control of our products, as if it is our last order.


We, MEO BUTTONS, strive to present and show our buttons to the entire world. With our slogan “Small things make big differences” we strive to prove who we are and how true is this thesis.

Direct export from Bulgaria and Turkey to the Balkans, Europe and Worldwide.

MEO BUTTONS – Bulgarian association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters